[Haskell-cafe] attaching a ghci session to another process

Kevin Smith k2msmith at gmail.com
Thu May 28 16:27:40 EDT 2009

I am starting to get more involved with haskell programming and I'd like to
create a program where I can use the interactive loop in ghci to run a
haskell functions that create graphics in a separate openGL window.  This
would be a separate interactive window from the terminal i am running ghci
in and have it's own event-loop/thread of execution.   For a very simple
example, I would have a haskel function called "w = window" , which when
executed would create an openGL window (inside a seprate window manager
shell) and return an identifier to it.   A call to another fuinction might
be "obj = cube [..] w" whch would draw an cube in the window. etc.   The
openGL would have it's own event loop running to handle mouse/keyboard and
refresh events which means that I would be able to manipuolate the camera
with the mouse (pan, zoom, rotate etc.). This would be separate fromt he
ghci input loop running in the original terminal window.

The graphics part of this is easy for me, I have this implemented in other
langauges, but what i would like to do is create a functional programming
environment for prototyping in 3D, so I would like to have a haskell session
which I can "attach" to this 3D environment.

Any comments/feedback on the architecture/design of such a program would be

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