[Haskell-cafe] Design in Haskell?

Dan danielkcook at gmail.com
Mon May 25 04:22:10 EDT 2009


When I was learning to program in imperative languages like Java, there
were plenty of resources to learn from about how to design large
programs.   Ideas like the GoF Design Patterns gave useful models that
one could then scale up.

Are there such resources for Haskell? As I'm learning the language, I'm
finding it quite nice to write short programs (e.g. projecteuler,
Haskell Road, etc.)  But when I try to write something a bit larger, I
find I'm tripping over myself and having a hard time organizing the
code coherently.

Are there any suggestions of wikis, books or particularly
well-architected and readable projects I could look at to about learn
larger-scale design in Haskell? 

- Dan

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