[Haskell-cafe] ANN: hledger 0.5 released

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sat May 23 20:18:47 EDT 2009

I'm pleased to announce the hledger 0.5 release on hackage. hledger is  
a (mostly) text-mode double-entry accounting tool that generates  
precise activity and balance reports from a plain text journal file.
It is a partial clone, in haskell, of John Wiegley's excellent ledger.  
hledger implements a subset of ledger's commands and options, and also  
provides some new ones. For basic use you can use hledger and ledger  
pretty much interchangeably on the same data files.

For screenshots, live demo, docs etc. see http://hledger.org . Release  
notes are at http://hledger.org/NEWS , and below.

To install: cabal install hledger [-fvty] [-fhapps]. I'd like to hear  
feedback, especially if you are having trouble getting started.

Happy tracking!
- Simon (sm on #ledger)

2009/05/23 hledger 0.5 released


   * the vty flag is disabled by default again, to ease installation  
on windows
   * use ledger 3 terminology: a ledger contains transactions which  
contain postings
   * new "add" command prompts for transactions interactively and adds  
them to the ledger
   * new "convert" command transforms bank CSV exports to ledger  
format, with rule-based cleanup
   * new "histogram" command shows transaction counts per day or other  
reporting interval
   * most commands now work properly with UTF8-encoded text (Sergey  
   * invoking as "hours" is now less different: it just uses your  
timelog, not your ledger
   * --quarterly/-Q option summarises by quarter
   * --uncleared/-U option looks only at uncleared transactions
   * be more accurate about checking balanced amounts, don't rely on  
display precision
   * enforce balancing for bracketed virtual postings
   * fix bug in eliding of posting amounts
   * don't show trailing spaces on amountless postings
   * parse null input as an empty ledger
   * don't treat comments as part of transaction descriptions
   * require some postings in ledger transactions
   * require a non-empty description in ledger transactions
   * don't fail when matching an empty pattern, as in "not:"
   * make the web server handle the null path
   * code, api and documentation updates
   * add a contributor agreement/list

Release contributors:

   * Simon Michael
   * Sergey Astanin

Release stats:

   * Days since last release: 51
   * Committers: 2
   * Commits: 101
   * Lines of non-test code: 2795
   * Known errors: 0
   * Tests: 76
   * Performance:

                             || hledger-0.4 | hledger-0.5 | ledger
    -f sample.ledger balance ||        0.01 |        0.01 |   0.06
    -f 1000.ledger balance   ||        1.33 |        1.46 |   0.53
    -f 10000.ledger balance  ||       15.28 |       16.35 |   4.67

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