[Haskell-cafe] Gtk2Hs + Sourceview on Windows

mwinter at brocku.ca mwinter at brocku.ca
Tue May 19 15:04:10 EDT 2009


I have ghc 6.10.1 and gtk2hs 0.10.0 installed on my windows vista
computer. Both were installed using the installer on the webpages.
I am able to use gtk, glade etc but not sourceview or cairo. If I
compile the examples in the gtk2hs example folder, I get "not in 
scope" error messages for functions from those library components.
In a forum I found that those have to be enabled using 
./configure --enable-sourceview
(similar for cairo). But my windows installation does not seem to
have a script configure or a similar program. What am I supposed 
to do?


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