[Haskell-cafe] fast Eucl. dist. - Haskell vs C

Kenneth Hoste kenneth.hoste at ugent.be
Tue May 19 03:38:27 EDT 2009

On May 18, 2009, at 20:54 , Claus Reinke wrote:

>>> As I said, I don't get the fusion if I just add the function above  
>>> to the original Dist.hs, export it and compile the module with '-c  
>>> -O2 -ddump-simpl':
>> I can't reproduce this.
> Interesting. I'm using ghc 6.11.20090320 (windows), uvector-  
> I attach the modified Dist.hs and its simpl output, created via:
>   ghc -c Dist.hs -O2 -ddump-tc -ddump-simpl-stats -ddump-simpl >  
> Dist.dumps
> Perhaps others can confirm the effect? Note that the 'dist_fast' in  
> the same module does get fused, so it is not likely an options  
> issue. I still suspect that the inlining of the 'Dist.zipWith'  
> wrapper in the 'dist_fast_inlined'
> '__inline_me' has some significance - it is odd to see inlined code  
> in an
> '__inline_me' and the fusion rule won't trigger on 'Dist.sumU . Dist. 
> $wzipWithU',
> right?

As far as I can tell, the dist_fast_inlined doesn't get fused, i.e.  
I'm seeing
zipWithU and sumU being used in it, which is not the case in dist_fast.

This is on OS X/PowerPC, using GHC 6.10.1.

>> Does the complete program fragment I posted earlier yield the desired
>> result?
> Yes. Note that the original poster also reported slowdown from
> use of 'dist_fast_inlined'.

Don, you were defining dist inside the main module, while in our
case the dist functions are defined in a seperate Dist.hs module...
Would that matter?



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