[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Hieroglyph-2.21 and buster, buster-gtk, and buster-network-2.0

Jeff Heard jefferson.r.heard at gmail.com
Mon May 18 13:31:20 EDT 2009

Tons of relevant changes.  Almost too many to count...

- Fixed performance and bugs in buster,
- split out buster, buster-network, and buster-gtk to make it easier
to only build components of the system.
- Added new functions in buster for selection and debugging.
- Added behaviours in App.Behaviours.PrintEvents for printing only
based on Group / Source / Name
- Changed name to "ename" (for 'event name')
- Added Association Lists to the buster EData type (EAssoc, EAssocL)
- future now requires the bus to be passed as the first argument

- OpenGL-backended interactive buster is now functional and high
performance if not complete.
- Added "Dots" primitive for showing lots of points for things like scatterplots
- Got rid of creating Attributes objects in favor of modifying common
attributes with combinators; the combinators themselves have the same
name as the old attributes, but they are mostly undocumented otherwise
because I haven't had time yet.  They are found in
- Got rid of greater/less detail combinator
- Text now takes Text.PrettyPrint.Doc instead of String as the str,
accepts Pango markup language, and uses full Layout functionality from
Pango, including UTF-8 display.  Added Pango markup combinators for
Text.PrettyPrint.Docs, mark, bold, bigger, italic, strikethrough,
subscript, superscript, smaller, monospace, underline, and span.  See
Pango documentation for their effect.
- Points and Rects are now sensible instances of Num, Fractional, and Ord
- Large scenes are now faster overall
- Added object naming combinator to support object selection

I will have more deails and examples on the blog soon...

-- Jeff

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