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I'm a Haskeller that uses Mathematica on a regular basis; it's one of
my favourite tools.
So - thanks for your work, I'll use it whenever applicable.

However, during compilation I get an error that ml.h is not found,
even after I added Mathematica's include dirs to Include-Dirs.
Since that seems to be not a Mathematica's file (it doesn't exist in
my Mathematica directories), I conclude that it might be a file that
is missing from the package. Is that actually so?

2009/5/18 Tracy Wadleigh <tracy.wadleigh at gmail.com>:
> Already posted to the Haskell list but dons suggested I post to the cafe, as
> well...
> All:
> mathlink is a library for writing Mathematica packages in Haskell.
> One simply writes some functions of type:
> (MLGet a, MLPut b) => a -> IO b
> and provides a package specification in a simple DSL that mimics that of
> Mathematica's mprep utility. The result is a program that exposes functions
> that can be called from Mathematica.
> This is a complete rewrite of my original implementation and more closely
> captures the functionality I originally intended.
> I've only tested it on my own platform (64-bit Linux), but I've taken pains
> to make sure the code should run on any platform. (The only real issue in
> the code is picking the right functions to call when marshaling Ints.)
> Please report any tweaks required to get it to work on your platform. (That
> is, of course, only if, in fact, there are any other users out there. Right
> now, as far as I know, I'm it.)
> I'd also just like to hear from any Haskellers out there that also use
> Mathematica on a regular basis. Ping me if you're one.
> --Tracy
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