[Haskell-cafe] looking for suggestion on pattern matching problem

Christopher Lane Hinson lane at downstairspeople.org
Thu May 14 17:43:08 EDT 2009

Parsec 3 should be able to handle this pretty easily.  It can parse any 
data structure that implements it's Stream class.


On Thu, 14 May 2009, Daryoush Mehrtash wrote:

> I am trying to analyze a list of items (say integers) for longest matches on patterns and their location on the list.  One catch is that pattern may be defined in terms of other
> patterns.     Example of patterns would be the any sequence of increasing numbers, or sequence of increasing numbers followed by upto 5 zeros then followed by any odd digits.  
> I don't know much about the actual patterns, but would like to be able to define EDSL for composing the patterns and an execution environment to actually find the patterns.
> I like to find out various ways I can structure the problem and its trade offs.  I appreciate any  books, articles, suggestions, papers, etc on this type of problems.
> Thanks,
> Daryoush

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