[Haskell-cafe] hsffig and duplicate typedef declarations

Dean Herington heringtonlacey at mindspring.com
Thu May 14 00:53:12 EDT 2009

I have a large body of C/C++ code at work that I'd like to be able to 
access from Haskell via FFI.  Because the interface to this code is 
broad, hsffig would seem to be ideal for the task.

I've run across one serious hitch, though.  The existing #include 
file graph is complicated and ends up declaring some typedefs 
multiple times (albeit in consistent ways).  While gcc (for example) 
rejects such practice, the Windows C compiler we're using accepts it. 
Does anyone know how feasible it would be to get hsffig to accept 
such practice as well?  I've started looking at the hsffig code (and 
discovered that the C grammar hsffig uses seems to get confused by 
duplicate typedefs), but thought I'd ask the list in parallel with my 
further study.


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