[Haskell-cafe] Just 3 >>= (1+)?

Tillmann Rendel rendel at cs.au.dk
Sun May 10 10:33:38 EDT 2009

Hi Cory,

Cory Knapp wrote:
> ... There have been 12 replies to this question, all of which say the 
> same thing. I'm glad we're so happy to help, but does
>   Just 3 >>= return . (+1)
> Need to be explained by 12 different people?

maybe eleven others have already pointed that out by now, but as far as 
I know, there is no way to see whether someone else is concurrently 
answering the same question.

And I don't think that all answers were equivalent. Some answer pointed 
out how to correct the error, while others focused on explaining why the 
error arises. One answer was wrong.


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