[Haskell-cafe] Decoupling OpenAL/ALUT packages from OpenGL

Tillmann Vogt Tillmann.Vogt at rwth-aachen.de
Sat May 2 18:56:00 EDT 2009

Sven Panne schrieb:
>    * a tiny "ObjectName" package, consisting only of OpenGL's ObjectName class 
> (In "Data.ObjectName"? I'm not very sure about a good place in the hierarchy 
> here.)

How about Data.GraphicsObjects ?

>    * a package containing most of the data types/newtypes in OpenGL's 
> VertexSpec module (Vertex{2,3,4}, Color{3,4}, etc.) plus instances for the 
> base classes like Eq, Ord, Show, etc. I really don't know a good name for this 
> package and what a good place in the hierarchy would be (probably something 
> like "Data.Foo", but what is Foo?)

Now that you mention it. I just looked through haskell hierachical 
libraries and there seems to be no standard data types for vector math. 
Am I getting something wrong or is every library that is using linear 
algebra stuff using its own data types? So if I use a numeric library 
for matrices inside HOpenGL I have to convert around?

I think it would be nice to have data types and functions for dot 
produkt, scalar product, norms, ...
together with HOpenGL types.

Currently I am trying to embed a triangulation library from a ten year 
old diploma thesis (http://www.dinkla.net/fp/cglib.html) in my libary (I 
know that glu has tesselation). The author has developed a quite big and 
abstract type structure for all sorts of computer graphics algorithms 
and I didn't wanted to copy this into my library just for triangulation. 
But it is reasonable. It could be combined with HOpenGL types to maybe
Data.VectorMath or Data.LinearAlgebra . I would favour the second.

> The point is: The first two package would be very small. Would this be OK? 
> Does anybody see other alternatives? What would be good names for those 
> packages and where in the naming hierarchy should they really go?
> Cheers,
>    S.
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