[Haskell-cafe] Thread priority?

maarten maarten at snowlion.nl
Fri May 1 03:29:23 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Some two year I wrote a library to change thread priorities in Windows, 
including another library that allows real time processing. With this 
you can play midi files real time and without interruption from the OS. 
(Manipulating thread priorities is really easy in Windows, real time 
uninterrupted processing a little more complicated).

Actually, I thought this problem was already resolved 
(haskore-realtime), but if there is interest I can see if I can dust 
them off, although I'm sure there will be still lots of things to 
improve. Right now I'm working in linux only, so it may take a few days 
to get a suitable xp version. (Actually, I would be really interested in 
a linux port, but have little time right now. Perhaps this library can 
help: http://sourceforge.net/projects/high-res-timers ?)

Kind regards,


Christopher Lane Hinson wrote:
> Is there any interest or movement in developing thread priority or any 
> other realtime support in Haskell?
> Right now, if I have tasks that need to be responsive in real time, 
> even if the realtime needs are very soft, it seems that the only 
> option is to try to ensure that at least one hardware thread is kept 
> clear of any other activity.
> To be very useful to me, thread priority would not need to come with 
> very strict guarantees, but there would need to be a way to make sure 
> that `par` sparks and DPH inherit the priority of the sparking thread.
> In part I ask because I'm working on a small library to support a 
> degree of cooperative task prioritization.
> Friendly,
> --Lane
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