[Haskell-cafe] uvector package appendU: memory leak?

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Mon Mar 30 13:33:27 EDT 2009

Don Stewart ha scritto:
> Can I close this ticket as not being to do with uvector?

Yes, thanks; and sorry for the noise.

But it may be interesting to study this the example I have pasted:

I find it a bit surprising that using appendU is actually faster than 
using snocU.

>> The interesting thing is that using appendU is *faster*.
>> Using appendU:
>> real	0m38.736s
>> user	0m38.638s
>> sys	0m0.048s
>> Using snocU:
>> real	0m41.279s
>> user	0m40.939s
>> sys	0m0.040s


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