[Haskell-cafe] ANN: smartword Web based flash card for Word Smart I and II vocabularies

Ahn, Ki Yung kyagrd at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 06:10:57 EDT 2009

Name:                smartword
Synopsis:            Web based flash card for Word Smart I and II
Homepage:            http://kyagrd.dyndns.org/~kyagrd/project/smartword/
Category:            Web,Education
License:             BSD3
License-file:        LICENSE
Author:              Ahn, Ki Yung
Maintainer:          Ahn, Ki Yung <kya at pdx.edu>

Web based online study tool for all vocabularies in Word Smart I and II,
a poular book series for studying GRE vocabularies.  I typed the
vocabulary data and wrote the program in 2004, because I got too boring
just going over the strange English words.  If you don't read Korean,
you can just ignore the Korean translation. Source code is outdated, so
never even think of using it as a web programming reference.  However,
it will still be helpful as a neat web application when one tries to
squeeze GRE vocabularies into the volatile memory of human brain.


You can either compile CGI binaries with GHC or use Hugs to run lhs as a
CGI script.  Copy all .cgi files and data directories (book1, book1.ans,
book2, book2.ans) into your webserver CGI directory (usually cgi-bin).


If you get it wright the flash card goes away, but if you didn't get it
the flash card goes to the bottom of the deck again. So, it won't end
until you get all of them right.

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