[Haskell-cafe] [ANN] I/O library for Windows

Felix Martini fmartini at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 10:43:55 EDT 2009

> As I understand it, programs compiled with GHC currently use MSYS for all
> I/O operations, resulting in all kinds of strange behaviour in corner cases.
> (E.g., if you use System.Directory and ask whether "C:\\" is a directory, it
> says no, yet you can read the contents of that directory.) I would have
> thought that calling the Win32 API directly would probably fix most of these
> minor glitches. Is that what this package is intending to do?

Yes. When Simon adds the new Handle API to GHC i will add support for
creating Haskell handles that will be implemented internally with
Windows handles and call WinAPI functions. The current winio package
contains mostly low-level functions that directly expose Windows
handles which is useful for writing server code etc.

Eventually when the library is stable i would prefer if it becomes
part of GHC's libraries (or a new default Haskell I/O library for all
operating systems).


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