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Date: 2009/3/25
Subject: Re: [Haskell-cafe] Re: ANNOUNCE: WinGhci, a GUI for GHCI on Windows
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Hi Benjamin*,*
The only requirement to run WinGhci is to have GHC installed and to have GHC
bin directory on your path. The way to start the application is by executing
winghci.exe. Install.exe is an small program that associates .hs files with
WinGhci (it should be run from the same directory where WinGhci is
installed). Note that this association is optional. I have added a wiki page
on this.

2009/3/23 Benjamin L.Russell <DekuDekuplex at yahoo.com>

> Just another couple of thoughts for possible additional improvement:
> 1.  It would be even nicer if WinGhci added a menu entry to the
> "Start" menu automatically, as WinHugs does.
> 2.  For the proposed menu entry, it would also probably be a good idea
> if WinGhci added a folder for that menu entry, and included a link to
> a "README" file in there, as WinHugs does also.
> 3.  In order to distinguish WinGhci from GHCi, it might also be
> helpful if WinGhci had a different icon; the current WinGhci icon is
> identical to the one for GHCi (perhaps use the forthcoming official
> Haskell logo here?).

WinGhci icon is different (although quite similar) from GHCi icon, at least
for medium to large icon sizes.

> Just my two cents for now....
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