[Haskell-cafe] Re: ANNOUNCE: WinGhci, a GUI for GHCI on Windows

Andrew Butterfield Andrew.Butterfield at cs.tcd.ie
Mon Mar 23 10:29:10 EDT 2009

Benjamin L.Russell wrote:
> This is wonderful--just what I was waiting for!  The application looks
> beautiful, and I'm very happy that GHCi now has a matching GUI
> application along the lines of WinHugs.
Indeed - me too !
> It would be even better if you could provide some
> installation/uninstallation information.  I unzipped the contents of
> WinGhci-1.0-bin.zip into the "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My
> Documents\" folder, but there was no README file.
And version information - I tried it with GHC 6.4 and it died (Not 

What version of GHCi does it require?

And no, I won't upgrade GHC just yet (this is the latest GHC/wxHaskell 
combo that works for me with GHCi...)

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