[Haskell-cafe] HSTringTemplate and syb-with-class

Kemps-Benedix Torsten torsten.kemps-benedix at sks-ub.de
Mon Mar 23 05:58:37 EDT 2009

Hello all,


I'm trying to use the generic capabilities of HSTringTemplate. The
documentation claims that the package is able to automatically generate
instances of ToSElem if syb-with-class is installed but gives no further
details. I installed syb-with-class and then installed HSTringTemplate
with additional configure parameter syb-with-class=True. But when I
import Text.StringTemplate.GenericWithClass and then try deriving
ToSElem or $(derive ToSElem), I just get an error like "Can't make a
derived instance of `ToSElem ...".


Any suggestions or pointer to further docs?


Kind regards




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