[Haskell-cafe] Ease of Haskell development on OS X?

Martijn van Steenbergen martijn at van.steenbergen.nl
Fri Mar 20 14:14:51 EDT 2009

Don Stewart wrote:
> martijn:
>> Don Stewart wrote:
>>> Yes, anything that is relevant to the development experience on this
>>> platform. Remember: it is more than just getting ghc. How do they get
>>> hold of new libraries and apps? Is cabal-install available? 
>> Since GHC is written in Haskell, do you need to have another Haskell  
>> compiler installed before GHC 6.10.1 can be installed through MacPorts?
> It bootstraps itself.


I added some text explaining how to install GHC through MacPorts, but I 
don't really have any experience with it, so if anyone has improvements, 
feel free to correct.

Also, if someone could add some reasons to (not) install through 
MacPorts instead of the standalone installer, that'd be nice.


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