[Haskell-cafe] Are there performant mutable Arrays in Haskell?

Brettschneider, Matthias Brettschneider at hs-albsig.de
Thu Mar 19 07:16:30 EDT 2009

Hey There, 

I am trying to write a hash-algorithm that in fact is working, but as you might have guessed the problem is the performance :) At the moment I am 40 times worse than the same implementation in C. 

My problem is, I need mutable arrays which are the heart of that hash.
The algorithm is round-based and within each round I need the value of certain positions in that array. 

At the moment I work with an unboxed ST-Array at the crucial part 

--- snip ---
test list = runSTUArray $ do
    a_arr <- newListArray (0, 1752) list

    let round i = do
            ain <- readArray a_arr (i-n)
            at0 <- readArray a_arr (i-t0)
            at1 <- readArray a_arr (i-t1)
            at2 <- readArray a_arr (i-t2)
            at3 <- readArray a_arr (i-t3)
            at4 <- readArray a_arr (i-t4)
            let li     = ls $ (i - n) mod 16
                ri     = rs $ (i - n) mod 16

            writeArray a_arr i $ (step4 li) 
                               . (step3 ri) 
                               . (step2 at1 at2 at3 at4)
                               $ (step1 ain at0 i)
    mapM_ round [n..(n+t-1)]

    return a_arr
--- snap ---

I also played around with peekElemOff and pokeElemOff, but this isn't much faster. 
It took ~30sec with my Haskell-Code while the C-implementation need only ~1sec.

Is there someone who may have some hints for me, what I can do better, or just 
lead me in the right direction? :) 

Thanks a lot in advance 

-- Matthias

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