[Haskell-cafe] Text bug in Hieroglyph 1.2

Danny Chan chan_dhf at yahoo.de
Thu Mar 19 04:58:08 EDT 2009

Since I haven't found out how to report bugs for this package, I am posting this here.

Changing the color of Text elements in a Hieroglyph image like this:

text {attributes = plain {strokeRGBA = opaque blue}}

does not work correctly. Instead, the color used for the text is the one of the previously drawn element. With the little knowledge I have about cairo, it seems that the bug is in the renderPrimitive function in Cairo.hs where the order of Cairo.setSourceRGBA and Cairo.showText is wrong. Something like this seems to work:

renderPrimitive _ s0 (Text str (Point ox oy) state) = do
    applyAttributeDelta s0 state 
    Cairo.moveTo ox oy
    let (sr,sg,sb,sa) = colourToTuple . strokeRGBA $ state
    when (outlined state) $ 
        Cairo.setSourceRGBA sr sg sb sa
    Cairo.showText str 
    when (clipped state) $ Cairo.clip
    return state

By the way, for the complete newbie that I am, is there a standard way to report bugs for a package from Hackage?


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