[Haskell-cafe] Any way to catch segmentation fault?

Nick Rudnick nick.rudnick at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 18 19:44:36 EDT 2009

Hi all,

doing some work with a regex library I stumbled over some segmentation
faults due to illegal byte combinatations.

Looking for a way to get this caught some way, I failed in finding any place
at GHC (6.10.1) or Hackage libraries where this is covered -- a quick check
with HUnit revealed it to be crashing by this phenomenon.

So I would like to ask about the state of this issue,

o   Is there principally no way to (generally) catch segmentation faults??
(This would be hard to believe, as the described kind of noise is to be
expected at production systems, especially with user generated content.)

o   Are segmentation faults «prohibited» in Haskell so the advice is just to
change the used library and forget the whole stuff??

o   Did I oversee the generic mechanism for catching of segmentation
faults?? (If yes, do you please give me a hint??)

o   If no, is there a workaround which might be practicable??

Thanks a lot in advance,

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