[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Logo Voting has started!

Fernando Henrique Sanches fernandohsanches at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 22:10:45 EDT 2009

Voting among 100+ options took a while (15-20 minutes?), but I had no
problems. The system may be suboptimal, but it works nicely. It probably
won't make people vote in wrong options (at least not too often, mistakes
always happen), so it is doing a fine job.

Thanks for organizing the voting for us.

Fernando Henrique Sanches

2009/3/17 Eelco Lempsink <eelco at lempsink.nl>

> Hi there!
> I updated a couple of logo versions and ungrouped and regrouped the
> (former) number 31.  Other than that, there was nothing standing in the way
> of the voting to begin imho, so I started up the competition.
> By now, I suppose everybody should have received their ballot.  If you
> think you should have received it but didn't, please report it, I can resend
> the invitation.  Also, for people not directly subscribed to the
> haskell-cafe mailing list, you can still send ballot requests until the end
> of the competition (March 24, 12:00 UTC).  Make sure the message contains
> 'haskell logo voting ballot request' (e.g. in the subject).
> Depending on the winner of this voting round we can decide whether we need
> to continue with variations.  Jared Updike already offered to donate a bit
> of time to help create several variations.  But for now, good luck with
> sorting those options! :)
> --
> Regards,
> Eelco Lempsink
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