[Haskell-cafe] Re: Haskell Logo Voting has started!

Daniel Schüssler anotheraddress at gmx.de
Tue Mar 17 15:34:12 EDT 2009


> Even worse, the buttons for moving items up and down are buggy - at
> least on my browser (Firefox 3.1 beta 2 on Linux). They sometimes
> reorder my other votes! Even assuming that the list box code is not
> buggy (which I now doubt), not being able to use the buttons makes this
> form almost unusable!

I guess it works like this:

"Move down" on an element X will make the /smallest/ change (with respect to 
the abstract ordering) that makes X worse than it's current value. This may 
require changing more than one number, for example if we have:

(105:  ) (106: A) (107: X,B) (108: C,D) (109: E  ) (110:  )

moving down X will result in either

(105: A) (106: B) (107: X  ) (108: C,D) (109: D  ) (110:  )

or equivalently

(105:  ) (106: A) (107: B  ) (108: X  ) (109: C,D) (110: D)

of course, maybe you already know that but you're saying that it is doing this 
wrongly ;)

Btw, I really think the logos should be on the same page as the voting form. 
Hotkeys for the buttons would be good too.

It's usable though if you (incorrectly) consider the numbers as a sort of 
reverse "star rating" to make a O(n) pass, possibly finetuning later.


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