[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Logo Voting has started!

Gwern Branwen gwern0 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 11:34:29 EDT 2009

2009/3/17 Eelco Lempsink <eelco at lempsink.nl>:
> Hi there!
> I updated a couple of logo versions and ungrouped and regrouped the (former)
> number 31.  Other than that, there was nothing standing in the way of the
> voting to begin imho, so I started up the competition.
> By now, I suppose everybody should have received their ballot.  If you think
> you should have received it but didn't, please report it, I can resend the
> invitation.  Also, for people not directly subscribed to the haskell-cafe
> mailing list, you can still send ballot requests until the end of the
> competition (March 24, 12:00 UTC).  Make sure the message contains 'haskell
> logo voting ballot request' (e.g. in the subject).
> Depending on the winner of this voting round we can decide whether we need
> to continue with variations.  Jared Updike already offered to donate a bit
> of time to help create several variations.  But for now, good luck with
> sorting those options! :)
> --
> Regards,
> Eelco Lempsink

I've personally voted, but it's true that 113 logos is a bit much even
if you only vote on about 20 of them!

Can we assume that the next round will be more like 10?

Also, what is the plan if one of the joke logos (like the boobies one)
makes it into the final round? Will it just be quietly removed?

Finally, I'd like to make a suggestion as to the final results.
Typically there's a tension between a Free & trademarked logo and a
just Free logo. ie. see how Debian does it:
http://www.debian.org/logos/ "Although Debian can be obtained for free
and will always remain that way, events such as the problem with the
ownership of the term “Linux” have shown that Debian needs to protect
its property from any use which could hurt its reputation. Debian has
decided to create two logos: one logo is for official Debian use; the
other logo falls under an open use type license."

We could have the top result be the official logo, and the second
result be unofficial. In this way, both logos win: the former will
appear in all the official high-prestige locations, but the latter
will likely get reused more.

Admittedly, it's unlikely the two top finishers will have quite the
same thematic unity as the two Debian logos, but I think it's a
suggestion worth entertaining.


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