[Haskell-cafe] Need an overview of FP-related research topics

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Tue Mar 17 07:59:50 EDT 2009

I spoke to a faculty member in a decent Computer Science
department in which no one has ever done anything
related to FP. (You may say that is an inherent contradiction,
but what can I do, the department does have a good
reputation. I am withholding names to protect the

This faculty member happens to be the one who was
forced to teach the single programming languages
course offered by the department, due to his having
the least seniority in the department. As such, he is
now actually starting to become a bit interested in
FP and Haskell.

I gave him a few links to Haskell resources, which
he appreciated. But coming from more of a pragmatic
non-research point of view, I didn't really know what
to say. The best I could do was to point him to the
Haskell Wikibook, and to the "Why FP Matters" paper.

I would like some links that would give such a person
a nice overview of the various active areas of
FP-related research these days, leaning towards
Haskell. I want to give him a fairly broad view of what
is interesting and exciting, why various topics are
important, where to find ideas for collaboration and
applications to other areas, etc.

I actually know about a few departments like that.
This could be a good strategy for drumming up
more research interest in Haskell. In some cases,
the person in question has already been influenced
somewhat by the lisp fanatics, so I would like some
help in how to deal with that also.


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