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Fri Mar 13 11:10:40 EDT 2009

On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 1:31 AM, Wolfgang Jeltsch <
jeltsch at informatik.tu-cottbus.de> wrote:

> When running the executable, nothing happens. The executable should show a
> usage message instead. Where are the BASIC programs? I think, you have to
> grab them from the source. They should be installed, too.

Thanks for your feedback, and for checking out Vintage BASIC!

I will add a usage message, as you suggested. Currently the usage is only
described in the User's Guide. There are no options; you just give it the
name of one or more BASIC source files. (Naturally this extends to doing
nothing when supplied with zero source files.)

The BASIC games are at http://www.vintage-basic.net/games.html. There is a
tarball of all the games
as well. These are separated from the Vintage BASIC distribution for legal
reasons. Vintage BASIC is copyrighted by me under a BSD license. The games
were written by many authors and compiled into a book copyrighted by
Creative Computing. I have secured permission from the editor to post the
games. I do not wish to imply that they are covered by the same license as
the interpreter. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to make the process
simpler, I'd be happy to hear it.


P.S. I need to get my other e-mail account subscribed to this list....
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