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Achim Schneider barsoap at web.de
Fri Mar 13 07:29:25 EDT 2009

Benjamin L.Russell <DekuDekuplex at Yahoo.com> wrote:

> balance
Stop right there. Any further word about what the Taiji means would
only make you look even more clueless. Take a scale if you want a
symbol for balance[1].

OTOH, laziness(yin) and strictness(yang) make a far better pair of
unified opposites than the schemeish eval and apply (which's outer
essences are both yang, changing to yin only by means of what they

Still, you wouldn't represent the Maybe monad with >>=, now would you?
Instantiating a symbol for a general principle to whatever you like
constitutes pocketing.

Anyway, I think it's too late for logo submissions. Personally, I just
love the lambda-bind, it's truly haskellish, sleek, appropriately
cryptic and lends itself well to ascii-art.

What about a chicken holding a curry dispenser? In any case, I don't
think a sloth is a bad choice as a mascot: It's most likely the most
efficient animal on earth, and seeing it, you're bound to be mystified
how it manages to get anything done.

Water overcomes stone:
Shapeless, it requires no opening:
The benefit of taking no action.

Yet benefit without action,
And experience without abstraction,
Are practiced by very few.

[1] Or the vector equilibrium (note the word "libra" in there):
It's also the reason why cutting a pizza into anything else but six
pieces is an abomination to geometry.[2]

[2] While I'm at it: The tips of the pinky, index finger, and thumb
form a tetrahedron together with the center of mass in your palm while
holding such a piece. What do you make of that?

[3] And are therefore better explained in terms of hodge and podge

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