[Haskell-cafe] Distributing Linux binaries

Lyle Kopnicky lists at qseep.net
Mon Mar 9 16:25:33 EDT 2009

Hi folks,

I've got an application to release. I'm releasing the source, but I also
wanted to release binary versions for people that don't have GHC. I
developed on Windows, so making a Windows executable was simple. I also have
access to an Ubuntu Linux box, on which I can easily build and test my app.

But, I'm a bit confused about how to release binaries for Linux. It's not so
simple as on Windows. Or, maybe it is but I don't know it. What do people
recommend as a way of distributing Linux binaries? I tried to make a Debian
package and couldn't figure it out, but maybe that's overkill. GHC itself
has some kind of tarball for the binary distributions, one for Debian and
one for Red Hat. How would I make such a package and what would go into it?
There's only one executable, so it shouldn't be too complicated.

I figure the main issue on Linux is that when you compile it, it's linked to
specific shared libraries.

Don't have a Mac myself but I'm happy to have Mac folks submit binaries.
I'll worry about that later.

- Lyle
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