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Sean Leather leather at cs.uu.nl
Mon Mar 9 07:40:43 EDT 2009

> Another reason condorcet voting is nice is that there is no need to group
> "similar" items together. Condorcet voting eliminates the "spoiler
> candidate" effect, so having N almost identical entries won't adversely
> affect that "group" (by spreading out the votes for that "group" among more
> "sub-entries" than for "groups" with only one entry in it).
> So actually I don't understand whey the logos are grouped at all, they
> could all just be listed individually, and then people can put them all at
> the same rank ("make tie" in the interface) if they don't care which one of
> the group they want, or they can differentiate between them if they like.
> You could possibly name them "60 a", "60 b" etc. to indicate that they are
> similar, but there's no reason not to allow people to differentiate between
> them if tehy so choose.

I agree with this. There are some groupings that seem arbitrary. For
example, a number of entries are grouped together, because they use the same
graphic with different colors. I think color is an important part of a logo.
(Many companies have a recognizable color scheme that covers more than just
their logo. See sun.com, microsoft.com, etc.) It will be a major factor in
my vote. I don't want to vote for a design that may have more than one
possible outcome.

As for what Johan said, it's definitely helpful to see logos on black and
white and in different sizes.

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