[Haskell-cafe] Looking for a co-founder for a startup using Haskell

Ed McCaffrey ed at edmccaffrey.net
Fri Mar 6 18:35:56 EST 2009


I'm turning a project involving music into a startup, and I will be using
Haskell for most and possibly all of it.  I had an angel investor interested
until the market collapse forced him to turn his focus away from new
investments.  Other investors I have spoken with want me to contact them
again when it is further developed; basically, I think that I am optimistic
at the prospect of funding with the right team.

I am looking for one or more co-founders in the Boston, MA, area who would
be willing to work on this full-time in the near future, after funding is
secured, and in their spare time until then.  Since many investors are
currently moving towards larger investments in growth-stage companies, I am
going to apply to incubators who specialize in early-stage companies.

Anyone who wants more info send a reply to ed at edmccaffrey.net


Ed McCaffrey
ed at edmccaffrey.net
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