[Haskell-cafe] Assignment of grayCode

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 06:53:04 EST 2009


> I'm working on a project for my university. But I do not understand the
> assignment.

If you don't understand a university assignment the best place to ask
is the person who set the assignment. If you don't understand what is
being asked, most lecturers will provide clarification.

> It asks me to write a function that does the following:
> grayCode :: Int -> ([Char] -> Int, Int -> [Char])
> well in my opinion this assignment tells me to write some function that gets
> one input (an integer) and result two functions in one tuple. One function
> goes from [Char] to Int and the other one goes from Int to [Char].
> But in my opinion this function will stay the same forever... am I mistaken?

What do you mean by stay the same forever? Haskell is referentially
transparent and pure so all functions always return the same results
for the same input.

> Write an efficient code
> grayCode :: Int -> ([Char] -> Int, Int -> [Char])
> that, for values between 2 and 36 (included), creates a Gray Code. That is,
> a tuple of two functions.

That seems a reasonable description, but without checking with the
person who set the test, you may never know for sure. I personally
can't see any difference between your second version and the original



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