[Haskell-cafe] download, download-curl ...

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Fri Jun 26 17:38:44 EDT 2009

> Hello Cafe,
> I'm looking to make it possible for people to use urls directly in my
> haskell program (TxtSushi) and I'd like your suggestions if you have
> any. I really like the API's for download and download-curl, but I'm
> wondering what the practical differences are between the two? Is
> download-curl a replacement for download? Will it build OK on any
> platform or do I have to use something like the HTTP library if I want
> it to work for people with Windows? (I really like the fact that the
> "download" APIs support FTP too though)

They're essentially identical, but under the hood one is using curl, one
is using libdownload. libdownload isn't really portable outside of

-- Don

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