[Haskell-cafe] combining monads with IO

Richard Silverman res at qoxp.net
Thu Jun 25 08:16:10 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I'm puzzled by something. Suppose I have some code that does lots of 
IO, and also occasionally refers to some global state. No problem, use 
ReaderT for the state, combining with the IO monad. Except... since IO 
is on the bottom, simple uses of do-notation such as "foo <- ask" work 
in the Reader monad, and to access the IO monad, I need to lift, e.g. 
(bar <- liftIO getLine). If my code does lots of IO, this is *very* 
ugly -- the code is littered with lift functions!  Is there no cleaner 
way to do this?


- Richard

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