[Haskell-cafe] memoization using unsafePerformIO

Jan Christiansen jac at informatik.uni-kiel.de
Tue Jun 23 09:23:38 EDT 2009


I have tried to implement a memo function using stable names and weak  
pointers like it is presented in the paper "stretching the storage  
manager". There is an abstract datatype SNMap a b which implements a  
map that maps values of type StableName a to values of type b. The map  
is located in an IORef.

{-# NOINLINE memo #-}
memo :: (a -> b) -> a -> b
memo f =
   unsafePerformIO (do
      tref <- newSNMap
      return (applyWeak f tref))

{-# NOINLINE applyWeak #-}
applyWeak :: (a -> b) -> SNMap a (Weak b) -> a -> b
applyWeak f tbl arg =
   unsafePerformIO (do
     sn <- makeStableName arg
     lkp <- lookupSNMap tbl sn
     case lkp of
          Nothing -> not_found sn
          Just weak -> do
             val <- deRefWeak weak
             case val of
                  Just result -> return result
                  Nothing -> not_found sn)
   not_found sn = do
     let res = f arg
     weak <- mkWeak arg res Nothing
     insertSNMap tbl sn weak
     return res

Using this memo function I have implemented a fibonacci function like  
it is defined in the paper.

fib :: Int -> Int
fib = memo ufib

ufib :: Int -> Int
ufib 0 = 1
ufib 1 = 1
ufib n = fib (n-1) + fib (n-2)

When I compile this program with 6.10.3 fib yields the correct results  
up to 18 but for 19 it detects a loop.

Can anybody give me a hint how I can avoid this behaviour (and still  
use unsafePerformIO ; ) )?

Cheers, Jan

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