[Haskell-cafe] Ann: Emping-0.6 and Tests/Examples

Hans van Thiel hthiel.char at zonnet.nl
Tue Jun 23 06:15:33 EDT 2009

Hello All, 

Version 0.6 of Emping is now, imo, at the level of a working prototype.
It is available on Hackage (but won't build there because it uses
Gtk2Hs. It did build with Cabal on FC8 with GhC 6.8 and Gtk2Hs 0.9.13). 
The package includes a user guide, but see the update on my web site
about two UI corner case bugs (program hangs). 
My site http://www.muitovar.com discusses three examples of possible
use, with tests using SQLite, OO Calc and dotty. There's also a .zip
archive of all sources (two data sets from the UCI machine learning
repository) and .csv and .dot files with the results. All comments most

Emping is a (prototype) interactive tool for the discovery and analysis
of (universal, not statistical) predictive rules in tables of nominal

Best Regards,

Hans van Thiel

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