[Haskell-cafe] secure store for passwords on CLIENT side

Iliya Kuznetsov iliya.kuznetsov at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 14:05:12 EDT 2009

Hello, haskellers,

I've faced with some issue: how to store passwords securely on client's
side? Of course there are many technics how to hash them on server side but
sure all of them can't be used in my case (because of nature of hash).
There is some platform-independent application written on Haskell and it
requires login name/password for asking some web services through SOAP. I
can ask it every time when it's called, but probably I should prepare some
way to store this secure info on somewhere. The other side (in most cases!)
can use only plain authorization method.

For me the best way for this task -- storing the puzzled password somewhere
in user's home directory ($HOME or %APPDATA% or in Mac's place for that),
but I don't know how to puzzle it securely.
One idea is to use GPG-alike approach: make secret key automatically and
store it in user's home and just encrypt the given passphrase with that
secret key after logging on and decrypt with public key when needed. But
this probably is overmuch for that task.

Iliya Kuznetsov
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