[Haskell-cafe] Using Parsec with ByteString ?

Fernand quarantedeux42 at yahoo.fr
Fri Jun 19 07:51:21 EDT 2009


May be it's a frequently asked question, but I have been unable to find 
my way in the parsec-3.0.0 library when trying to write a small parser 
with Parsec that could work with ByteStrings. I mean, there is the 
Text.Parsec.ByteString module which allows to parse a file using 
but the parser one needs to write must parse ByteStrings instead of Strings
(that is, something like having a "Parsec Bytestring ()" type, unless I'm
completely misunderstanding the situation). My problem is that I do not 
to write primitive parsing combinators (like string, satisfy, letter, 
etc.) to
define my language's tokens.

I'm surely missing some primitive somewhere (may be the 
though I do not really manage to use it).

Thanks in advance,


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