[Haskell-cafe] Re: Which windowing toolkit to use?

GüŸnther Schmidt gue.schmidt at web.de
Wed Jun 17 18:44:16 EDT 2009

Magnus Therning schrieb:
> GüŸnther Schmidt wrote:
>> Hi Patai,
>> there is one other alternative to gtk2hs and wxhaskell: .NET Forms
>> It is accessable through Sigbjorn Finne's hs-dotnet package.
> Is that usable with mono?

Sorry Magnus, dunno.

The galois guys provide a lot of really really useful code, I surmise 
they use it themselves quit a lot, but, the instructions are a bit 
sparse and since they actually make a living writing haskell code they 
propably just don't have much time for that.

> I certainly hope that something as useful as the heap profiling 
> toolkit's GUI
> won't be a Windows-only thing.
> Is the plan to make the heap profiling ship with GHC?
> In that case it might be ill advised to add a dependency on dot-net/mono.
> Though it could be argued it's just as ill advised to add a dependency on
> /M
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