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Chris Eidhof chris at eidhof.nl
Tue Jun 16 07:16:36 EDT 2009

Hey all,

On 15 jun 2009, at 08:39, Ashley Yakeley wrote:

> Thomas Davie wrote:
>> We had a lot of "fun" deciding Haskell's new logo, and while I  
>> don't agree with the final result, it would be nice if we could now  
>> start consistently using it.  With that in mind, I realised that  
>> the Haskell Platform's logo is totally different, and did a quick  
>> mock up of a version reflecting the current Haskell logo.  It needs  
>> someone with the original vector graphics to have a play and  
>> improve it a little bit, but hopefully you'll se a concept you like.
> I rather like the fact that the Haskell Platform logo is distinct  
> from the Haskell logo. I think it helps prevent confusion (even  
> though the Platform logo is based on one of the Haskell logo  
> competition entrants).

For new users, when they "install Haskell" they will install the  
Haskell Platform. I don't think we need to have a big distinction  
between that. Therefore, I think that the Haskell Platform should  
share the Haskell logo. I think the Haskell platform is an excellent  
name for internal communication, but to the outside world, it *is*  
Haskell. This is what you get when you install Haskell. Otherwise it  
will probably only confuse users.

I think a typical new user would do something along the following  
lines: I want to play around with Haskell. I'll google for "install  
Haskell" or "download Haskell" (here, the Haskell Platform download  
page should be the #1 hit). There, the user sees the Haskell logo and  
doesn't have to know *anything* about the platform effort, cabal, ghc  
or whatever. Therefore, I think it should have the Haskell logo, not  
the platform logo.


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