[Haskell-cafe] I need a hint in list processing

Fernan Bolando fernanbolando at mailc.net
Sun Jun 14 04:06:09 EDT 2009

Hi all

If I have a number of list
list1 = [2,3]
list2 = [1,2]
list3 = [2,3,4]
list4 = [1,2,3]

I want to create a list from the list above with n elements,
non-repeating and each elements index represents 1 of the elements
from the corresponding list so for the above input I would get.

a = [3,2,4,1]

ofcourse there may be several set that will satisfy the problem, so a
list of list that satisfies would be good.

How do I do this in haskell? or is there a code snippet that seems to
work similarly?



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