[Haskell-cafe] Wiki user accounts

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Fri Jun 12 14:36:55 EDT 2009

Daniel Fischer wrote:
> Am Freitag 12 Juni 2009 18:46:41 schrieb Gwern Branwen:
>> There are only 3 bureaucrats/admins; one is a dummy account, one is
>> Ashley, and one is John Peterson (who hasn't edited for a year).
>> One solution would be to have Ashley re-enable user registrations.
>> This has been suggested before, but no one knows how bad the spam
>> would be. Another solution would be to sysop a few users to
>> admin/bureaucrat, so that even if a few are inactive or away, the rest
>> can handle requests.
> I support that.
>> If I might suggest some users we might give the bit to: myself, dons,
>> Magnus Therning, Neil Mitchell, and byorgey.
> I consider these users trustworthy.
> Which of them besides Gwern are willing to take the job?

Cool, I'm up for it!


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