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On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 11:58 AM, Philippa Cowderoy wrote:
> I'm hearing reports of people having difficulty obtaining accounts on
> the Haskell wiki, without which it is impossible to make edits.
> Currently, account creation is disabled as an anti-spam measure, and the
> idea is for people to mail the admin and request an account. If this is
> to work, accounts need to be granted reasonably quickly - so far, I'm
> aware of a case where after 4 days there has been no response.
> This is particularly problematic for Anglohaskell, as signups and the
> like are via the wiki page - as a temporary workaround, I'll (and anyone
> else willing to lend a hand who already has an account) have to make
> edits on others' behalf, which is a serious inconvenience for both
> myself and attendees, as well as something of a barrier to entry.
> What's going on, and how can we speed things up?

Presumably Ashley is busy.


There are only 3 bureaucrats/admins; one is a dummy account, one is
Ashley, and one is John Peterson (who hasn't edited for a year).

One solution would be to have Ashley re-enable user registrations.
This has been suggested before, but no one knows how bad the spam
would be. Another solution would be to sysop a few users to
admin/bureaucrat, so that even if a few are inactive or away, the rest
can handle requests.

If I might suggest some users we might give the bit to: myself, dons,
Magnus Therning, Neil Mitchell, and byorgey. All have been editing the
wiki for some time, some have administrator experience on Wikipedia,
and all have commit bits for various Haskell repos (and so presumably
can be trusted). (Of course, this list isn't intended to be
exhaustive; they're just who comes to mind looking over Recent

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