[Haskell-cafe] Re: [Haskell] ANNOUNCE: testrunner-0.9

Max Bolingbroke batterseapower at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 11 03:27:34 EDT 2009

Hi Rodney,

The [0], [1] is a demonstration of failing arguments to QuickCheck.

Now, generally test-framework is very careful to avoid printing from
anything other than the main thread. That being said there is a known
problem with the QuickCheck-2 provider that will cause it to print the
failing arguments from the background thread. This is due to a
technical limitation with the library (it insists on writing to
stdout, so this is the best I could do without copying most of the

QuickCheck-1 /shouldn't/ (to the best of my knowledge) have this
problem, though. Is that what you were using? If so I'll investigate


2009/6/10 Rodney Price <rodprice at raytheon.com>:
> When I run Example.lhs for test-framework I get
> [0]
> [1]
> in the test results, just as you show on your web page.  If I run
> Example.lhs under ghci rather than compiled, I find the [0] [1] mingled
> with the test results in random ways.  This leads me to believe that
> whatever is printing out [0] [1] is running is a separate thread.
> Does this [0] [1] have any meaning?  If not, how do I get rid of it?
> Thanks,
> -Rod
> On Mon, 8 Jun 2009 19:07:52 +0100
> Max Bolingbroke <batterseapower at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> 2009/6/8 Reinier Lamers <tux_rocker at reinier.de>:
>> > I checked out testpack and that did not meet my requirements. I
>> > don't know if I considered test-framework. If I did, it may be that
>> > I was turned off by the fact that the 'home page' link on cabal
>> > just goes to a web presentation of the source tree on github.
>> Reinier,
>> You are quite right that this is a weakness. I've been meaning to put
>> a site together for a while, and your comment gave me the impetus to
>> do it:
>> http://batterseapower.github.com/test-framework/
>> That's much friendlier!
>> All the best,
>> Max
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