[Haskell-cafe] purely functional lazy non-deterministic programming

Sebastian Fischer sebf at informatik.uni-kiel.de
Mon Jun 8 12:41:48 EDT 2009

[crosspost from Haskell-libraries and Curry mailing list]

Dear Haskell and Curry programmers,

there is now a Haskell library that supports lazy functional-logic  
programming in Haskell. It is available from


and can be obtained from Hackage using cabal-install. The project page  
links to tutorials that explain how to use the library and to an  
ICFP'09 paper (joint work with Oleg Kiselyov and Chung-chieh Shan)  
that explains the implemented ideas in depth.

Have fun!

Underestimating the novelty of the future is a time-honored tradition.

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