[Haskell-cafe] Fast code question

Bartosz Wójcik bartek at sudety.it
Fri Jun 5 17:49:25 EDT 2009

Integer was on purpose. One of the fields was 14 digits number.
Usually I parse EBCDIC directly on mainframe. This time it was exception.


On Thursday 04 June 2009 22:38:53 Michael Snoyman wrote:
> I *do* know what Packed Decimal is; at my previous job, I actually had a
> whole Haskell library for parsing them. The only immediate suggestion that
> pops to mind is to use Int instead of Integer (Int uses regular 32- or
> 64-bit integers, Integer uses arbitrary precision integers). If you send me
> a sample Packed Decimal file, I can test out your code and get a better
> feel for it that way.
> Good luck with those mainframes, they can be beasts sometimes. Have you had
> to parse EBCDIC yet? *That* was fun, manually copying all those character
> codes from some IBM web page... ;)

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