[Haskell-cafe] Re: Non Empty List?

GüŸnther Schmidt gue.schmidt at web.de
Thu Jun 4 20:19:32 EDT 2009

Hi Tillmann,

thank you for the elaborate example. This is exactly what it took for me 
to realize that you and Jake have indeed given me the solution that I need.

I had a very hard time getting my head around it, but to my defense I'm 
usually working on this stuff in the wee hours. :)


Tillmann Rendel schrieb:
> Hi Günther,
> GüŸnther Schmidt wrote:
>>>> data Container a = Single a | Many a [a]      but the problem above 
>> I need a data structure as in my example without the [] being possible 
>> to be empty.
> So lets write a variant of list which cannot be empty. A usual list is 
> empty, or a head and a tail:
>   data List a
>     = Empty
>     | HeadAndTail a (List a)
> Now, our kind of list should be just one element, or a head and a tail:
>   data NonEmptyList a
>     = JustOne a
>     | HeadAndNonEmptyTail a (NonEmptyList a)
> So we can replace [] by NonEmptyList in your definition to get what you 
> want:
>   data Container a
>     = Single a
>     | Many a (NonEmptyList a)
> However, since Container and NonEmptyList are isomorphic, we can use one 
> instead of the other:
>   data Container a
>     = Single a
>     | Many a (Container a)
> Whether this is a good idea depends on the purpose of the types, but I 
> guess it is.
>   Tillmann

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