[Haskell-cafe] GHCI & Curl under Windows

Martin Huschenbett huschi at gmx.org
Wed Jun 3 08:27:53 EDT 2009

Hi Haskellers,

I've installed the newest Haskell Platform under Vista and downloaded a 
pre compiled version of curl-7.19.4 for MinGW. After changing the build 
type in curl.cabal to Simple and supplying the needed paths I could even 
build and install curl for haskell.

If I write a program using curl and compile it with GHC everything works 
fine. But if I try to execute the main function of my program in GHCI I 
always get the following error message:

Loading package curl-1.3.5 ... linking ... <interactive>: 
C:\Devel\Haskell\curl-1.3.5\ghc-6.10.3\HScurl-1.3.5.o: unknown symbol 
`__imp__curl_easy_getinfo': unable to load package `curl-1.3.5'

Did anybody have the same problem and knows how to fix it?

Thanks in advance,


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