[Haskell-cafe] lifting restrictions on defining instances

John Lask jvlask at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 17 20:56:11 EDT 2009

Can anyone explain the theoretical reason for this limitation, ie other than 
it is a syntactical restriction, what would it take to lift this restriction 

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> Petr,
>> If I want to make it a functor in the last type variable (b), I can  just 
>> define
>>> instance Functor (X a) where
>>>  fmap f (X a b) = X a (f b)
>> But how do I write it if I want X to be a functor in its first type 
>> variable?
> Short answer: you can't. Easiest way to workaround is to define a  newtype 
> wrapper around your original datatype:
> newtype X' b a = X' {unX' :: X a b}
> instance Functor (X' b) where
>   fmap g (X' (X a b)) = X' (X b (g a))
> Cheers,
>   Stefan
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