[Haskell-cafe] Leaner Haskell.org frontpage

haskell at kudling.de haskell at kudling.de
Thu Jul 9 11:44:49 EDT 2009

> I've seen book providing a "chapters at a glance" part, just
before the real table of content.

Such an inverted pyramid is exactly the consequence Nielson draw from the "F shape pattern" (http://www.useit.com/alertbox/reading_pattern.html).

And that's my critque: i don't see the most important things there are to be sayed about Haskell in the top left corner. 

> For the hompage we're talking about, glancing is even simpler since
everything is on the same page and you can scroll it quite easily.

I don't agree that "everything on one page" makes comprehension easier.

> I'm not sure hiding a level of the hierarchy of information behind a
few clicks make things easier.

That depends on which task we are talking about:
- getting an overview of all available information, or
- finding exactly what you are looking for

I think we should optimize for the latter, where "What is Haskell?" being the most improtant question.

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